Product Overview

Chip Sealing

A combination of emulsified asphalt and graded aggregates applied to prepared or unprepared surfaces. Our own method of applying a W.S.D.O.T. Class A seal, utilizes up to four applications of various grades of asphalt emulsion

Road Dust Control

TAK Petroleum uses a special formulation of an emulsified asphalt to be used on any gravel based surface. A new formulation controls the dust and binds the soil without having to remain wet and sticky. It is solvent free and environmentally friendly. We apply SFE (solvent free emulsion) to gravel streets, driveways and parking lots.

Asphalt Grinding & Gravel Treatments

By modifying SFE dust palliative, we can turn any gravel surface into a low cost maintainable hard surface. Our material penetrates recycled asphalt grindings, sealing deep into the surface, which prevents surface cracking and breakup.


StreetPrint™ Pavement Texturing is a process that entails imprinting and coating asphalt with “grid style” depressions to replicate, in relief, the concrete grout depressions common to hand-laid brick or cobblestone.

The surface of an asphalt driveway is reheated utilizing an infra red heater and imprinted with patterns resembling brick, cobblestone or other designs. Then, the imprinted asphalt surface is coated using a combination of cement fortified acrylic resins, epoxy based polymers and a blend of aggregates, which have been specially formulated for application on asphalt surfaces.


DuraTherm is a pre-cut, thermoplastic template (grid) that is heat-set into new StreetPrint™ imprinted asphalt. The result is an attractive and visible surface that is completely flush with the asphalt. DuraTherm is highly durable, vibration-free, snow-plow-proof and fully ADA compliant. DuraTherm is fast and simple to install, can be installed at night, and the surface can reopen to traffic virtually immediately. In addition, a DuraTherm surface is safe. It has superior skid resistance that helps prevent slips and falls. DuraTherm is the only night reflective form of decorative crosswalk or traffic calming surface available.

Bike Lanes

Bike and bus lanes are important components of sustainable street design. Using colored pavement for priority bike & bus lanes enhances safety and usability. Colored pavement helps visually elevate the bike lane or bus lane further defining the space and helping differentiate the dedicated area from the vehicular portion of the road. The coloring is a constant and bold visual reminder to motorists that the priority lanes are present.

Solar Reflective Coatings

StreetBondSR™ – Solar Reflective for LEED® Credits
StreetBondSR™ incorporates specialized characteristics that reduce Urban Heat Island Effect by minimizing the amount of solar energy absorbed by pavement surfaces. Reducing Heat Island Effect helps minimize urban impact on microclimate through the use of hardscape material with high solar reflectance.

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